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How To Write Papers

How to write Eco and Other papers ?

  1. First of all read all the questions.

  2. Select the questions which you can write with the help of statistics. While writing statistics preferably make use of 2 comparative years.

  3. Quote the source of statistics wherever required.

  4. Always try to complete the paper. Normally the sun-questions are of 8 Marks each and Short Notes of 9 Marks. Allot 15 minutes for 8-9 Marks question.

  5. Present your answers well with the help of tables and charts. You may leave one line blank before and after the table or chart for goof presentation.

  6. You may give brief introduction and conclusion of about 3-5 lines each.

  7. The number of points vary from answer to answer, but about 8-10 points may be written in most of the 8 marks answers. The explanation to every point must be adequate.

  8. Do good writing practice so that at the time of examination you can answer all the questions.

  9. Do not write wrong data or points and explanations. In other words do not bluff as examiners get irritated with bluffing.

  10. You may round off the data. However if you can write the exact figures, you should write it.

  11. The length of the answers depends upon the marks allotted and the type of questions. Normally a student is expected to write about 2 to 2 1/2 sides (60-75 lines) for an 8 marks answer in 15 minutes and yes Do Not write more..it may affect the presentation.

- Taken from the book Indian Economic Problems by Mario Dias

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