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Preparation Tips

How to prepare for Economics and other papers ?

  1. First of all u need to pick all important chapters and start reading them first.

  2. Try to read and understand each and every question don't leave any question as option because every question is important.

  3. There is No need to remember Exact amount of data you can always round off the data and write. for e.g. if its Rs. 2,34,578 crore then you can write around Rs.2.3 Lakh Crore. (but still if you can remember the exact figure then no harm in it)

  4. While reading the questions you shall know that which question was asked in which year and for how many times.

  5. If there are many points in the question then try to create a short sentence/word from all the points so that u can remember the things easily. For e.g.

    Q. Explain the Salient features of Industrial Policy 1991


    Reduction in Reservation for Public sector

    Abolition of Industrial Licensing

    Improvement in Public Sector

    Liberalization of Foreign Investment

    Agreement on Foreign Technology

    Liberalization of Industrial Location

    Abolition of Phased Manufacturing Programmes (PMP)

    Removal of Mandatory Conversions Clause (MCC)

    Modification of MRTP Act

    Here pickup the first letter from each point and create an easier word or short form like here it will be RAIL ALARM but it is not necessary that you should pick first letter of all the questions. You can pick first word or anything which you find easier to remember.

  6. Now if you have completed reading all the important chapters then you shall read remaining ones also. (If you want to score good marks)

  7. Now finally about the Book. This question comes in the mind of every student. Which book shall i refer to ?? Well answer would be any book you want to..lol just kidding. See for this you shall know your capacity to read and remember coz if you are an average student and you read Mishra Puri then it will be bit difficult to read & understand whole book so you can go for a book like Mario Dias's which is very good and points are explained in very simple English (I m not against Mishra Puri book it is also very good one but if you think you can understand the things then go for it..)

  8. You can follow same steps for other subjects.

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