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Vertical Balance Sheet
Particulars Rs. Rs. Rs.
I. Sources of Funds :      
    1. Owners' Funds :      
        A). Capital :      
               i). Equity Shares Capital    
               ii). Preference Share Capital    
Total Capital    
     Add :      
        B). Reserves and Surplus :      
               i). Capital Reserve    
               ii). Capital Redemption Reserve    
               iii). Share Premium    
               iv). General Reserve    
               v). Profit & Loss A/C Cr. Balance    
               vi). Sinking Fund / Other Funds    
Total Reserves and Surplus    
     Less :      
        C). Losses & Fictitious Assets :      
               i). Profit & Loss A/C Dr. Balance    
               ii). Misc. Expenditure not written off      
                    Preliminary Expenses    
                    Share issue Expenses    
                    Discount on issue of Shares & Debentures    
                    Deferred Revenue Expenditure    
Total Losses & Fictitious Assets    
Total Owners' Funds    
    2. Borrowed Funds :      
        A). Secured Loans :      
               i). Debentures or Bonds    
               ii). Loans from Banks    
               iii). Loans from other Financial Institutions    
Total Secured Loans    
        B). Unsecured Loans :      
               i). Public Deposits (Fixed Deposits from Public)    
               ii). Other Loans    
Total Unsecured Loans    
Total Borrowed Funds    
Total Funds Available / Capital Employed    

II. Application of Funds :      
    1. Net Fixed Assets :      
        A). Tangible :      
               i). Land and Building (Cost)    
                   Less : Depreciation  
               ii). Leaseholds (Cost)    
                   Less : Depreciation
               iii). Plant & Machinery (Cost)
                   Less : Depreciation
               iv). Furniture & Fittings (Cost)    
                   Less : Depreciation  
               v). Vehicles (Cost)    
                   Less : Depreciation  
               Net Tangible Assets    
        B). Intangible :      
               i). Goodwill    
               ii). Patents, Trademarks & Designs    
               Net Intangible Assets    
        C). Capital Work-in-Progress :    
         Total Net Fixed Assets    
    2. Long Term Investments :      
               i). Trade Investments    
               ii). Investments in Immoveable Properties    
               iii). Investments in Capital of Partnership Firms  
    3. Working Capital :      
        Quick Assets :      
               a). Cash & Bank    
               b). Debtors (Net)    
               c). Bills Receivable    
               d). Accrued Income    
               e). Short Term / Marketable Investments    
                Total Quick or Liquid Assets    
     Add :      
               i). Inventory    
               ii). Pre-Payments (Prepaid Expenses, Advance Tax etc..)  
                Total Current Assets    
     Less : Quick Liabilities      
                       a). Creditors    
                       b). Bills Payable    
                       c). Advances Received    
                       d). Outstanding Expenses    
                       e). Accrued Interest    
                       f). Provision for Taxation    
                       g). Unclaimed Dividend    
                       h). Proposed Dividend    
                Total Quick Liabilities    
     Add : Bank Overdraft    
                Total Current Liabilities    
                Net Current Assets or Working Capital    
                Total Assets or Total Funds Employed    

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