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Management & Human Resource Development

Time: 3 Hours March – 2005 Marks: 100
N. B. :
  • (1)  All questions are compulsory.
  • (2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

  • (3) Answers to the both the sections should be written in the same answer-book.


Q.1. Answer in brief any six of the following questions :- 12

(a)Define Management.

(b) Give any two assumptions of Theory X.

(c)Name any four types of Interview.

(d)What is Decentralisation?

(e)What is Span of Management?

(f)Name any two bases for Departmentation.

(g)What is Job Enrichment?

(h)State any two limitations of performance appraisal.

(i)What is co-ordination?

Q. 2. Answer any four of the following questions :- 20
  (a)Explain F.W. Taylorís scientific management.
(b)Briefly explain modern approaches to decision making.
(c)Discuss the factors determining the span of management.
(d)Suggest remedial measures to resolve the conflict between Line & Staff.
(e)What are the reasons for non-acceptance of delegation?
(f)Explain the process of Management by Objectives.
(g)State the requirements for effective control.
Q. 3. Answer any three of the following questions :- 18
  (a)What is staffing? Explain the factors affecting staffing.
(b)Briefly explain the selection procedure.
(c)Bring out the importance of training.
(d)Explain the qualities of the successful leader.
(e)Discuss non-monetary factors affecting motivation.
(f)How is performance appraisal useful?
Q. 3. Answer any three of the following questions :- 18
  (a) Unity of Command
(b) Job Design
(c) Functional Authority
(d) Matrix Organisation
(e) Human Resource Accounting
(f) International Business.


Q. 4. Answer in brief any six of the following questions :- 12

(a)  Define Production Planning.

(b)  Give formulae for measuring productivity of Land & Capital.

(c)  What is Job Enlargement?

(d)  What is J.I.T?

(e)  What do you mean by Re-order point?

(f)    What is Break-even Point?

(g)  What do you mean by quality?

(h)  What does I.S.O stand for?

(i)   What is routing?

Q. 5. a) Explain the composition & growth of internal public debt in India. 20
  (a) Explain the difficulties in measuring productivity.
(b) What are the functions of production management?
(c) Briefly trace the historical evolution of production management.
(d) Describe the stages in Product Development.
(e) Explain the concept of flexible manufacturing system.
(f) What factors will you consider while designing a Product?
(g) How would you select plant location?
Q. 6. Answer any three of the following questions :- 18
  (a) What is production standard? Explain production standards at individual & Department levels.
(b) Explain the objectives of work measurement.
(c) Explain the concept of quality assurance.
(d) What is T.Q.M.? How is it beneficial?
(e) What is material requirement planning? State its advantages.
(f) What is inventory control? Why is it undertaken?
Q. 6. Write Short Notes on any three of the following :- 18

(a) Production forecasting.

(b) Production Scheduling

(c) Perpetual Inventory Control

(d) Economic Lot Size

(e) Operations Research

(f) Method Study.

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