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April 2006

Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 100
  1. Attempt any five questions.
  2. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
  • Q.1(a) Explain in brief (any three):- 15
  •   (1) Organizational Behaviour.  
  •   (2) Role of Technology in OB.  
  •   (3) Law of Individual Differences.  
  •   (4) Triple Reward System.  
  •   (5) Unethical Manipulation of People.  
  •   (6) Continuing Challenges before 0B.  
  • (b) Write short note on (any one):- 5
  •   (i) Self-efficiency.  
  •   (ii) Result-Oriented Approach.  
  • Q.2(a) State whether the following statements are True or False and give reasons for the same (any three):- 15
  •   (i) Grapevine is as fickle, dynamic and varied as people are.  
  •   (ii) Semantics is the science of physical distance.  
  •   (iii) For communication to be effective managers must be sensitive to the needs of the Employees. .  
  •   (iv) Understanding can occur in the receiver's,mind.  
  •   (v) Personal barriers can be in the form of psychological distance.  
  •   (vi) Content of the rumor changes as it passes from person to person.  
  • (b) Write short note on (any one):- 5  
  •   (i) Electronic Communication.  
  •   (ii) Downward Communication.  
  • Q.3 Define work motivation. Compare and contrast different need theories of motivation. 20  
  • Q.4(a) Give reasons for the following statements.(any three):— 15  
  •   (i) Consistency refers to whether a behaviour is relatively stable over a period of time.  
  •   (ii) Self appraisal is an important tool of performance appraisal.  
  •   (iii) People see what they want to see.  
  •   (iv) Profit-sharing works better for the fast growing profitable organizations.  
  •   (v) Gain sharing pay plan broadens the understanding of employees.  
  •   (vi) In 360 degree feedback, the data is .gathered from variety of sources.  
  • (b) Write a short note on (any one):- 5  
  •   (i) Appraisal Philosophy.  
  •   (ii) M.B.O.  
  • Q.5 Distinguish between a Leader and a Manager. Discuss emerging approaches to leadership. 20  
  • Q.6(a) Explain in brief (any three):- 15  
  •   (i) Employee may exhibit their work dissatisfaction through tardiness.  
  •   (ii) Survey data can spur competition among different departments in large organization.  
  •   (iii) Job satisfaction is multi dimensional.  
  •   (iv) Employee comments are very useful for management.  
  •   (v) Job satisfaction and Life satisfaction are closely related.  
  •   (vi) Attitudes influence behaviours and behavior influence attitude.  
  • (b) Write short note on (any one):- 5  
  •   (i) Work moods.  
  •   (ii) Effects of employee attitudes.  
  • Q.7(a) State whether the following statements are True or False and give reasons for the same (any three):- 15  
  •   (i) Conflicts can never be constructive.  
  •   (ii) Intergroup conflicts are purposely induced in the organisation.  
  •   (iii) Conflicts occur due to differences in values.  
  •   (iv) The most desirable life position is "I am OK - you’re not OK".  
  •   (v) Strokes may be positive, negative or mixed.  
  •   (vi) Conflicts may produce three distinct outcomes.  
  • (b) Write a short note on (any one):- 5  
  •   (i) Assertive behaviour.  
  •   (ii) Effects of conflicts.  
  • Q.8 Describe the following. 20  
  •   Brain storming ,Nominal group technique, Delphi-decision making, Dialectic decision method  
  • Q.9(a) Explain briefly (any three):- 15  
  •   (i) Managers in the role of Linking pins.  
  •   (ii) Life cycle of a Team.  
  •   (iii) Characteristics of effective teams.  
  •   (iv) Contingency, organizational design.  
  •   (v) Social loafing.  
  •   (vi) Process consultation.  
  • (b) Write a short note on (any one):- 5  
  •   (i) Matrix Organization.  
  •   (ii) Problems in Teams.  
  • Q.10 Define stress. Describe its symptoms and extreme products of stres. 20  
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