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March 2006


Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 100
  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
  3. Answers to the two sections should be written in the same answer-book.

Section I

  • Q.1 Answer in brief any six of the following questions:- 12
  •   (a) Co-ordination  
  •   (b) M.B.O.  
  •   (c) Brain storming Technique  
  •   (d) Motion Study  
  •   (e) Span of Management  
  •   (f) Induction Training  
  •   (g) Job description and Job specification  
  •   (h) Matrix Organization  
  •   (i) Performance Appraisal  
  • Q.2 Answer any four the following questions:- 20
  •   (a) Define Management and explain any five principles of Management.  
  •   (b) Briefly explain four advantages and four limitations of planning.  
  •   (c) What is decision making? What are the steps in decision making process?  
  •   (d) Distinguish between Formal and Informal organization.  
  •   (e) What is Delegation of Authority? Why is it necessary?  
  •   (f) What is 'Line and Staff' organization? Suggest any six measures to resolve the conflicts between 'Line and Staff'?  
  •   (g) Define controlling and explain any two control Techniques.  
  • Q.3 Answer any three of the following questions:- 18
  •   (a) What is staffing? Explain the factors affecting staffing.  
  •   (b) What do you mean by recruitment? Explain the external sources of recruitment of Managerial Personnel.  
  •   (c) What is Training and Development? What are Off-The-Job Methods of Training?  
  •   (d) Explain 'Theory X' and 'Theory Y' of motivation.  
  •   (e) Define leadership. Explain any five leadership styles.  
  •   (f) What are the managerial functions in Multinational Corporation?  
  • OR
    Q.3 Write short notes on any three of the following:- 18
  •   (a) Human Relations movement  
  •   (b) Premising and Forecasting  
  •   (c) Bases of departrnentation  
  •   (d) Human Resource Accounting  
  •   (e) Limitations of Performance Appraisal  
  •   (f) Types of Employment tests  
    Q.4 Answer in brief any six of the following questions:- 12
  •   (a) Production Planning  
  •   (b) Productivity  
  •   (c) Quality Circle  
  •   (d) Product design  
  •   (e) Work study  
  •   (f) Statistical Quality Control  
  •   (g) Inventory  
  •   (h) Re-order Point?  
  •   (i) JIT Technique  
  • Q.5 Answer any four of the following questions:- 20
  •   (a) What do you mean by 'Production Management'? Explain its importance.  
  •   (b) Explain Batch Production, Mass Production and Process Production with examples.  
  •   (c) Suggest measures for improving industrial Productivity.  
  •   (d) Explain the difficulties in measuring industrial Productivity.  
  •   (e) What are the characteristics of a good Product design?  
  •   (f) What do you mean by 'Flexible Manufacturing System'? What are the problems with FMS?  
  •   (g) Explain the factors affecting selection of suitable plant location.  
  • Q.6 Answer in brief any six of the following questions:- 18
  •   (a) What do you understand by Production Standards? What are the uses of Production Standards?  
  •   (b) Explain the objectives of work measurement  
  •   (c) What is Total Quality Management? What are the problems in effective implementation of TQM in India ?  
  •   (d) Write notes on 'Quality Control'.  
  •   (e) What is Material Planning? Why is it necessary?  
  •   (f) What are the objectives of Inventory Control?  
  • OR
    Q.6 Write short notes on any three of the following :- 18
  •   (a) Productivity movement in India  
  •   (b) Quality Assurance  
  •   (c) Routing and scheduling  
  •   (d) ISO 9000  
  •   (e) Inventory Costs  
  •   (f) MRP as a scheduling and ordering system.  
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