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March 2007

Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 100
  1. Attempt Five questions in all, with a minimum of two questions from each section.
  2. Figures to the right indicte full marks.
  3. Answers to the two sections should be written in the same answer book.

Section I

  • Q.1 a) Evaluate the population policy of the Government of India since 1951. 10
  •   b) Discuss the measures taken by the Government to reduce the level of poverty in India. 10
  • Q.2 Examine the measures adopted by the Government to promote human development through investment in education, health and family welfare. 20
  • Q.3 Discuss the following:-  
  •   a) Sources of agricultural finance in India. 10
  •   b) Food security policy of the Government of India. 10
  • Q.4 a) Discuss the main features of the New Industrial Policy, 1991. 10
  •   b) What are the major problems of small scale industries in India? 10
  • Q.5 Write notes on any two of the following: 20
  •   a) Causes of income inequalities in India.  
  •   b) Growth of labour force in India.  
  •   c) Agricultural Research.  
  •   d) Disinvestment policy in India.  

Section II

  • Q.6 a) Explain the features of money market in India. 10
  •   b) Discuss the recent reforms in the Indian capital market. 10
  • Q.7 a) Analyse the recommendations of Raja Chelliah committee on tax reforms. 10
  •   b) Discuss the Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management bill. 10
  • Q.8 a) Explain India's trade policy since 1991. 10
  •   b) What is the significance of Foreign Direct Investment in India? 10
  • Q.9 Write notes on any two of the following: 20
  •   a) Discuss the recent developments in the telecommunication sector.  
  •   b) What is the impact of WTO on the Indian economy?  
  • Q.10 Write notes on any two of the following: 20
  •   a) Performance of SEBI.  
  •   b) Composition of public expenditure in India.  
  •   c) India's external debt burden.  
  •   d) Changing role of the State.  
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