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March 2008

Time: 3 Hours or 2.30 Hours
Marks: 100/80
  1. The College Students enrolled during 2006-07 and Regular students of the current year should attempt Section I only carrying 80 marks for 21/2 hours duration.
  2. All Students IDE and College Students enrolled during 2005-2006 or earlier should attempt Section I and II carrying 100 marks for 3 hours duration.
  3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
  • Q.1 Explain the following terms/concepts in about 30 words(any eight):- 16
  •   a. Product Adaptation.  
  •   b. Let Ship Order.  
  •   c. SEZ  
  •   d. Anti-dumping Duty.  
  •   e. Core Product.  
  •   f. G R Form .  
  •   g. Forfaiting Scheme.  
  •   h. Exports Under Bond.  
  •   i. Consular Invoice.  
  •   j. 100% EOUs  
  •   k. Star Export Houses  
  •   l. Give full form of  
  •   (i) FICCI.  
  •   (ii) DGFT.  
  • Q.2 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) "Export acts as an engine of economic growth". Explain.  
  •   (b) Explain the direction of India's export trade during the last decade.  
  •   (c) Critically evaluate the functioning of WTO.  
  •   (d) Write a note on 'European Union". (EU)  
  • Q.3 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) What is product positioning? Explain in brief steps involved in product positioning in the overseas market.  
  •   (b) Explain in brief the various export-marketing organisations in India.  
  •   (c) Explain the importance of Service Sector Exports.  
  •   (d) What are the implication of Foreign Trade Policy 2004-09 ?  
  • Q.4 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) Explain the procedure involved in obtaining packing credit.  
  •   (b) What are the major lending programmes of EXIM Bank?  
  •   (c) Distinguish between Skimming and Penetration Pricing Strategy.  
  •   (d) Calculate the minimum FOB price which can be quoted by an exporter to USA from the following details. Also calculate the amount of foreign exchange that can be earned @ Rs. 40 per dollar
  • Contribution of profit @ 10 % of F.O.B. Cost. Duty drawback @ 10% of F.O.B. price.
  • Ex-factory Cost Rs. 65,000
    Packing Cost Rs. 20,000
    Transport Cost Rs. 15,000
  • Q.3 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) What is ISO Certification ? Bring out the importance of ISO Certification.  
  •   (b) What are the various services the Custom House Agent provides to the exporter ?  
  •   (c) Bring out the importance of the following documents-  
  •   (i) Shipping Bill  
  •   (ii) Letter of Credit.  
  •   (d) Write note on "Deemed Exports".  
  • Section II

  • (Only for students of IDE and College students enrolled in 2005-2006 or earlier)
  • Q.6 Write notes on any four of the following:- 16
  •   a. Direct Exporting  
  •   b. FOB Quotation  
  •   c. IIFT  
  •   d. Tariff Barriers  
  •   e. Bill of Lading  
  •   f. Special Schemes of ECGC.  
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