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March 2008

Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 100
  1. Attempt any five questions in all.
  2. Attempt any three questions from Section I and any two questions from Section II or any two questions from Section I and any three questions from Section II.
  3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
  4. Answer to both the sections should be written in the same answer-book.
  • Q.1 Explain the terms (any four):- 20
  •   (a) Organizational Goals.  
  •   (b) Role of technology in OB  
  •   (c) Behavioural bias  
  •   (d) Selective perception.  
  •   (e) A whole person  
  •   (f) Triple reward system.  
  • Q.2 State whether the following statements are True or False and give reasons for the same (any four):- 20
  •   (a) Organizations cannot exist without communication.  
  •   (b) Idiation is an important step in communication.  
  •   (c) Acceptance is a matter of choice and degree.  
  •   (d) Senders need not communicate with care.  
  •   (e) Actions have no meening.  
  •   (f) Rumors’ always give correct information.  
  • Q.3 Critically evaluate Herzberg's two factor Model and Goal setting theory of work motivation. :- 20
  • Q.4 Give reasons for the following statements (any four):- 20
  •   (a) Self appraisal is an important tool of performance appraisal.  
  •   (b) Employee be have according to the managers expectations.  
  •   (c) Performance appraisal plays a key role in reward system.  
  •   (d) Profit sharing has certain difficulties.  
  •   (e) MBO involves joint goal setting.  
  •   (f) People see what they expect to see.  
  • Q.5 Define leadership and explain in detail:Fiedler's contingency approach and Hersey and Blanchards situational approach. 20

  • Q.6 Write short notes on any four:— 20  
  •   (a) Attitude and job involvement.  
  •   (b) Organizational commitment  
  •   (c) Types of survey questions  
  •   (d) Benefits of job satisfaction studies.  
  •   (e) Critical issues in surveys  
  •   (f) Employee turnover.  
  • Q.7 Explain the following statements (any four):- 20  
  •   (a) Conflicts occur due to differences in values.  
  •   (b) The win-win outcome is the most prefered outcome.  
  •   (c) Managers must be good at politics to succeed.  
  •   (d) Expert power comes from specialized learning.  
  •   (e) Personality differences can cause conflicts.  
  •   (f) Confrontation is the-best way of resolving conflict.  
  • Q.8 Describe in detail:- 20  
  •   (a) Problems associated with informal organizations  
  •   (b) Groupthink and polarization.  
  • Q.9 Explain the terms (any four):- 20  
  •   (a) Self managing teams  
  •   (b) Social loafing  
  •   (c) Sucker effect.  
  •   (d) Linking pins  
  •   (e) Problems in teams  
  •   (f) Matrix organization.  
  • Q.10 What are the causes and symptoms of stress? How can stress be reduced? Discuss. 20  
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