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Time: 3 Hours
October – 2005
Marks: 100
N. B. :
  • (1) Attempt any five questions in all, with a minimum of two questions from each section.

  • (2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

  • (3) Answers to the both the sections should be written in the same answer-book.


Q.1. a)Explain the poverty alleviation programmes in operation in India. 10
  b)Discuss the extent of income inequalities in India 10
Q. 2.

Examine the measures adopted by the government in promoting human development  20 through investments in education, health and family welfare.

Q. 3. a) Evaluate the agricultural price policy in India. 10
  b) Explain the quantitative changes in the production and productivity of  agricultural crops during the plan period. 10
Q. 4. a) What are the major problems of small scale industries in India ? . 10
  b) Write explanatory note on Disinvestment Policy in India. 10
Q. 5. Write notes on any two 20
  a) National Population Policy2000
b) Structure of Employment in India
c) Performance of NABARD.
d) Features of New Industrial Policy 1991..


Q. 6. a) Indian Money Market 10
  b) Indian Capital Market 10
Q. 7. Critically examine the Indian tax structure. 20
Q. 8. (a) Explain the problems of balance of payments in India since nineties. 10
  (b) Bring out the changes in India's trade policy since 1991. 10

(a) Analyse the sources of finance for planned expenditure in India.

(b) Discuss the impact of WTO on Indian Economy.

Q. 10. Write notes on any two of the following : 20

(a)  Narasimham Committee Reports on Banking Sector Reforms.
(b) Management of Internal Public Debt in India.
(c) Foreign Direct Investment in India.
(d) Changing Role of State.

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