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Management & Human Resource Development

Time: 3 Hours October – 2005 Marks: 100
N. B. :
  • (1)  All questions are compulsory.
  • (2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.

  • (3) Answers to the both the sections should be written in the same answer-book.


Q.1. Answer in brief any six of the following questions :-  

(a)   Define management. Explain the levels of management

  (b)   Distinguish between management and administration. 8
Q. 2. (a)   Explain Theory X and Theory Y of motivation 8
  (b)   State the qualities of a successful leader. 8
Q. 3. (a)   What is span of control ? State the factors affecting span ot control. 8
    (b)   Discuss the steps in control process.
Q. 4. (a)   What is departmentation ? How is it beneficial? 8
  (b)  Why are managers reluctant to delegate ? 8
Q. 5. (a)   Comment on the conflict between Line and Staff Officers 8
  (b)  How will you make committees effective ? 8
Q. 6.
    Write short notes on any three of the following :—
    (a) M.B.O.
    (b) Informal Organisation
    (c) Organisation Charts
    (d) Fayol's Discipline Principle
    (e) Professional Managers
    (f) Limitations of Planning.


Q. 7. (a)   State the objectives of production planning and control,
  (b)  What isT.Q.M. ? Explain its features 8
Q. 8. (a) Define productivity, What are the difficulties in measuring productivity ?
  (b) Explain the scope of H.R.D. 8
Q. 9. (a) What are the symptoms of industrial sickness ?
  (b) Briefly explain the steps in selection procedure. 8
Q. 10. (a)  Distinguish between Job Analysis and Role Analysis,

  (b) Explain the uses of performance appraisal. 8
Q. 11.
    (a)  Bring out the need and importance of training.

  (b)  Why is human resource planning undertaken ? 8
Q. 12. Write Short Notes on any three of the following :- 18

(a) Sources of Recruitment
(b) Training by Supervisor
(c) Scheduling
(d) Types of Interviews
(e) l.S.O. 9000 .
(f) Causes of Industrial Sickness.

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