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October 2008

Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 100
  1. Answer any five questions, with a minimum of two questions from each section.
  2. Figures to the right indicte full marks.
  3. Answers to both the sections should be written in the same answerbook.

Section I

  • Q.1 a) Examine the trends in the growth of national income of India. 10
  •   b) Explain the measures taken by the government to promote education for human development. 10
  • Q.2 a) What are the essential features of the Agreement on Agriculture under WTO? 10
  •   b) Examine on food security system in India. 10
  • Q.3 What are the problems faced by small-scale industries in India? Explain the measures taken by the government since 1991 for the development of the small-scale sector. 20
  • Q.4 a) Discuss the measures taken by the government to promote employment in India. 10
  •   b) Define child labour and explain the causes for child labour. 10
  • Q.5 Write notes on any two of the following: 20
  •   a) The National Population Policy 2000.  
  •   b) Policy of Disinvestment.  
  •   c) New Industrial Policy, 1991.  
  •   d) Problems of female labour.  

Section II

  • Q.6 Discuss in detail the Principle of Maximum Social Advantage. What are its limitations? 20  
  • Q.7 a) What are the merits and demerits of direct and indirect taxes? 10
  •   b) Explain the following: 10
  •   i) The various components of budget.  
  •   ii) Types of deficits  
  • Q.8 Explain Ricardo's Comparative Cost Advantage Theory and point out its limitations 20  
  • Q.9 a) Examine the changes in the composition and directions of India's foreign trade since 1991. 10
  •   b) What are the measures used to correct a deficit in the balance of payments position? 10  
  • Q.10 Write notes on any two of the following: 20
  •   a) WTO and TRIPS.  
  •   b) FRBM Act, 2003.  
  •   c) Sources of public revenue.  
  •   d) Modern Theory of International Trade.  
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