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October 2007

Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 100
  1. All questions are compulsory.
  2. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
  • Q.1 Explain the following terms/concepts in about 30 words (any eight):- 16
  •   a. Service Export.  
  •   b. Probe Pricing Strategy.  
  •   c. Dumping.  
  •   d. Overseas Buyers Credit .  
  •   e. Carting Order.  
  •   f. Confirmed L/C .  
  •   g. Exports Under Bond.  
  •   h. EPZ.  
  •   i. Advalorem Duty.  
  •   j. Give full Forms of:  
  •   (i) IRMAC.  
  •   (ii) UNCTAD.  
  •   k. Target Market .  
  •   l. Niche Marketing.  
  • Q.2 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) Explain the features of export marketing.  
  •   (b) What are the guidelines for successful exporting?  
  •   (c) Explain briefly the various trade barriers.  
  •   (d) Explain the composition of India‚Äôs foreign trade during the last decade.  
  • Q.3 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) Explain the steps in Product Development.  
  •   (b) Discuss the procedure to appoint overseas agents.  
  •   (c) Explain the various export marketing organisations in India.  
  •   (d) Discuss the highlights of India's Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009.  
  • Q.4(a) Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) What is C and F Quotation? Calculate the minimum FOB Price that an exporter can quote to an importer, from the following information. Also calculate the Foreign Exchange that can be earned if Euro 1 = Rs. 55/-
  • Cost of Materials Rs. 1,50,000
    Cost of Labour Rs. 80,000
    Packing Charges Rs. 8,000
    Internal Transportation Rs. 12,000
    Contribution of Profit 20% of FOB Cost
    Duty Drawback 15% of FOB Price
  •   (b) What are the factors to be considered by an exporter while fixing export price?  
  •   (c) Explain the features of packing credit.  
  •   (d) Explain the role of commercial banks in export credit.  
  • Q.5 Answer any two of the following:- 16  
  •   (a) Explain in brief the preshipment procedure in export trade.  
  •   (b) Explain the procedure to obtain marine insurance policy.  
  •   (c) Explain the importance of Bill of Lading and certificate of origin.  
  •   (d) Write note on "Financial Incentives to exporters."  
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