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October 2008

Time: 3 Hours or 2.30 Hours
Marks: 100/80
  1. All questions are compulsory
  2. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
  • Q.1 Explain the following terms/concepts in about 30 words(any eight):- 16
  •   a. TRIPS  
  •   b. Trading blocks  
  •   c. Duty drawback  
  •   d. Seed capital scheme  
  •   e. Deemed exports  
  •   f. SEZ  
  •   g. Packing credit .  
  •   h. Forfaiting  
  •   i. State bill of lading  
  •   j. FOB price quotation  
  •   k. Dollar determined credit  
  •   l. Give full form of  
  •   (i) ICA  
  •   (ii) IBRD.  
  • Q.2 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) Discuss the features of export marketing.  
  •   (b) Explain the causes for poor share of India's exports in world trade.  
  •   (c) Distinguish between Tariff and Non-tariff barriers.  
  •   (d) Write a note on "SAARC".  
  • Q.3 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) Discuss various product designing strategies that can be followed by the exporter.  
  •   (b) Explain the advantages of direct exporting.  
  •   (c) What is FIFO? What are its functions?  
  •   (d) Write a note in detail on Foreign Trade Policy 2004-2009.  
  • Q.4 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) Discuss various factors determining export price.  
  •   (b) Explain the role of commercial bank in obtaining export finance  
  •   (c) Define letter of credit and discuss any three types of L/C.  
  •   (d) Define the term "Price". Calculate the minimum FOB price that an exporter can quote to an importer, from the following information. Also calculate the foreign exchange that can be earned canbe earned if 1 $ = Rs.40.
  • (i) Cost of Material Rs. 75,000
    (ii) Cost of Labour Rs.10,000
    (iii)Packing Charges Rs. 10,000
    (iv) Internal Transportation Rs. 8,000
    (v)Contribution of Profit 10 % of FOB cost
    (vi) Duty Drawback 15% of FOB price
  • Q.5 Answer any two from the following:- 16
  •   (a) What is a procedure to obtain ISO 9,000 certification?  
  •   (b) Write a note in detail on Pre-shipment stage in export procedure.  
  •   (c) What do you mean by 'Certificate of Origin'? Explain its types.  
  •   (d) Discuss any four export incentives available to Indian Exporter  
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