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October 2008

Time: 3 Hours
Marks: 100
  1. Attempt any five questions in all.
  2. Attempt any three questions from Section I and any two questions from Section II or any two questions from Section I and any three questions from Section II.
  3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
  4. Answer to both the sections should be written in the same answer-book.
  • Q.1 Give reasons for the following (any four) 20
  •   (a) One major strength of Organizational Behaviour is its interdisciplinary nature.  
  •   (b) The idea of Individual differences is suppprted by science.  
  •   (c) Organizations are social systems.  
  •   (d) Organizations are formed on the basis of mutuality of interest.  
  •   (e) Human resource approach is developmental.  
  •   (f) Pepole who lack system understanding develop behavioural bias.  
  • Q.2 Explain the following terms (any four) 20
  •   (a) Open Communication.  
  •   (b) Semantic-barrier in communication.  
  •   (c) Non-verbal Communication.  
  •   (d) Job instructions.  
  •   (e) Open door policy.  
  •   (f) Tele commuting.  
  • Q.3 Critically evaluate the Reinforcement theory and Expectancy model of work motivation. 20
  • Q.4 State whether the following statements are true Or false and give reasons (any four): 20
  •   (a) Employees often make cost reward comparison.  
  •   (b) Comparable worth programmes do not guarantee equal pay for equal work.  
  •   (c) Employee selection decision is communicated to the employee in an appraisal interview.  
  •   (d) Fundamental attribution error is shown when judging our own selves.  
  •   (e) Skill based pay is also called as knowledge based pay.  
  •   (f) Profit sharing recognises mutual interest.  
  • Q.5 Explain the following: 20  
  •   (a) Blake and Mouton's Managerial grid,  
  •   (b) Vroom's decision making model  

  • Q.6 Explain the following statements (any four): 20  
  •   (a) Job satisfaction is multidimensional.  
  •   (b) Job satisfaction and Life satisfaction are related to each other.  
  •   (c) High job performance contributes to high job satisfaction.  
  •   (d) Job satisfaction studies are useful to the managers.  
  •   (e) Managers can change employee attitudes.  
  •   (f) There are various types of closed ended questions.  
  • Q.7 Write short notes on (any four): 20  
  •   (a) Sources of interpersonal conflict.  
  •   (b) Conflict resolution strategies  
  •   (c) Effects of conflicts  
  •   (d) Assertiveness.  
  •   (e) Stroking.  
  •   (f) Tactics to gain political power  
  • Q.8 Compare formal and informal organizations and state the benefits of informal organizations. 20  
  • Q.9 Give reasons for the following (any four): 20  
  •   (a) Managers are linking pins between groups.  
  •   (b) Organic organizations are more flexible and open  
  •   (c) There are several stages in team development.  
  •   (d) Process consultants use facilitating behaviours to help team function more effectively.  
  •   (e) Team members need feedback.  
  •   (f) Self-managing teams have advantages and disadvantages  
  • Q.10 Elaborate on job related causes of stress and stress management types. 20  
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